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  1. COUNTRY : Yemen
  2. CAPITAL : Sana'a
  3. GDP GROWTH RATE : 2.1%
  4. MAJOR COMMERCIAL CITIES : Sana'a, Aden, Taiz, Al Hudaydah
  5. MAJOR INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTS : Sanaa International Airport (El Rahaba Airport)(SAH), Seiyun International Airport (Seiyun Hadhramaut Airport)(GXF),Taiz International Airport(TAI),Aden International Airport(ADE)
    • Aden.
    • Hodeidah.
    • Mokha.
    • Mukalla.
    • Nishtun.
    • Ras Isa Marine Terminal.
    • Saleef Port.
  7. RAIL AND ROADWAYS : Yemen has 71,300 kilometers of roads, only 6,200 kilometers of which are paved. In the north, roads connecting Sanaa, Taizz, and Al Hudaydah are in good condition, as is the intercity bus system. Yemen does not have any railways, despite several proposals.
  8. MAJOR COMMERCIAL CITIES : Sana'a, Aden, Taiz, Al Hudaydah
  9. EXPORT GOODS : crude oil, coffee, dried and salted fish, liquefied natural gas
  10. EXPORT PARTNERS : Egypt, Thailand, Belarus,Oman, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Algeria
  11. IMPORT GOODS : food and live animals, machinery and equipment, chemicals
  12. IMPORT PARTNERS : UAE, China, Turkey, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, India, Indonesia

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