1. COUNTRY: Oman
  2. CAPITAL: Muscat
  3. GDP GROWTH RATE: -0.8% Growth Rate
  4. MAJOR COMMERCIAL CITIES: Muscat, Seeb, Salalah, Bawshar, Sohar, As Suwayq, `Ibri
  5. MAJOR INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTS: Duqm International Airport, Muscat International Airport, Salalah International Airport, Sohar International Airport
  6. MAJOR SEAPORTS: Gulf of Oman:Al Wajajah, Port Sultan Qaboos, Muttrah, Mina al Fahal, Port of Sohar Arabian Sea:Port of Salalah, Duqm Port, Mina' Raysut
  7. RAIL AND ROADWAYS: There are no mainline railways in Oman, but some are planned, including links to adjacent countries. The narrow gauge Al Hoota Cave Train takes tourists into the cave complex in a journey of 4 minutes and distance of 400m. The estimated total length of the future Oman National Railway network is 2,135 km. It will be divided into several segments linking Oman's borders with the UAE to Muscat, as part of the GCC Railway Network and also to the southern parts of the country - Port of Al Duqm, the Port of Salalah and the Yemen border.
    Oman has two expressway grade highways, with the first 8 lane expressway set to open in 2017. Al Batinah Coastal Road runs along the Batinah Coast of the Sea of Oman. It forks near Shinas, with one leading inland to Wadi Hatta and another to Fujairah. The other highway is Muscat Expressway, a 54 kilometre highway running from Al Qurum area of Muscat to Halban area on the outskirts of Muscat. Al Batinah Expressway is a 256 kilometre, 8-lane highway that continues from the Muscat Expressway in Halban up to the Oman-UAE border at Khatmat Malaha.
  8. EXPORT GOODS: The top exports of Oman are Crude Petroleum ($17.9B), Petroleum Gas ($5.42B), Refined Petroleum ($2.61B), Semi-Finished Iron ($899M), and Nitrogenous Fertilizers($860M),
  9. EXPORT PARTNERS: exporting mostly to China ($17.3B), India ($2.99B), Japan ($2.43B), South Korea($2.39B), and United Arab Emirates ($2.08B)
  10. IMPORT GOODS: The top imports of Oman are Cars ($3.28B), Refined Petroleum ($1.25B), Broadcasting Equipment ($1.15B), Gold ($800M), and Iron Ore ($741M),
  11. IMPORT PARTNERS: importing mostly from United Arab Emirates ($10.9B), China ($3.02B), Japan ($2.1B), India ($2.07B), and United States ($1.49B)