1. COUNTRY: Malawi
  2. CAPITAL: Lilongwe
  3. GDP GROWTH RATE: 0.8% Growth Rate
  4. MAJOR COMMERCIAL CITIES: Lilongwe, Blantyre
  5. MAJOR INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTS: Chileka International Airport, Lilongwe International Airport
  6. MAJOR SEAPORTS: Lake Nyasa (Lake Malawi) and Shire River (144 kilometres) provide the major waterways. There is a railhead at the port of Chipoka, Salima district in central Malawi. Smaller ports exist at Monkey Bay, Nkhata Bay, Nkhotakota and Chilumba.
  7. RAIL AND ROADWAYS: Malawi Railways is the national rail network in Malawi The 797-kilometre (495 mi), 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in) gauge line extends from the Zambian border at Mchinji in the west via Lilongwe to Blantyre and Makhanga in the south. At Nkaya Junction it links with the Nacala Corridor line going east via Nayuchi to Mozambique's deepwater port at Nacala on the Indian Ocean. Malawi’s designated public road network consists of 15,451 kilometres of roads. Of these, only 26% (4,038 Km) is paved. The rest – 11,413 Km representing 74% of the network – is either earth or gravel. The public road network is classified into five main categories: Main, Secondary, Tertiary, Urban and District. The Main, Secondary and Tertiary roads, totalling 10,603 Km, form the country’s trunk or primary road network.
  8. EXPORT GOODS: The top exports of Malawi are Raw Tobacco ($584M), Tea ($83.4M), Raw Sugar($75.2M), Dried Legumes ($46M), and Other Nuts ($33M)
  9. EXPORT PARTNERS: Belgium($168M), United States ($89M), Egypt ($72.3M), South Africa ($60.4M), and Germany($58.3M)
  10. IMPORT GOODS: The top imports of Malawi are Postage Stamps ($270M), Refined Petroleum($194M), Packaged Medicaments ($123M), Mixed Mineral or Chemical Fertilizers ($97.3M), and Office Machine Parts ($84.5M)
  11. IMPORT PARTNERS: South Africa ($480M), China($456M), United Arab Emirates ($264M), India ($238M), and United Kingdom ($220M)