1. COUNTRY: Libya
  2. CAPITAL: Tripoli
  3. GDP GROWTH RATE: -31.3% Growth Rate
  4. MAJOR COMMERCIAL CITIES: Tripoli, Benghazi, Misratah
  5. MAJOR INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTS: Al Abraq International Airport, Benina International Airport, Tripoli International Airport
  6. MAJOR SEAPORTS: Mediterranean Sea: Zuwara, Tripoli, Khoms, Misrata, Ra's Lanuf, Brega, Benghazi, Derna, Tobruk
  7. RAIL AND ROADWAYS: The railway project in Libya is still under construction. There has been no progress on it during the last years. The road network density is generally satisfactory, the total length of Libya's paved road network is about 34,000 km, of which about15,500 km primary roads, the secondary and agricultural road network is about at 18,500 km.  The highway network is classified in to four main roadway types:
    • Expressways: Roads arteries outside municipal borders linking the cities and regions with two carriage ways and at least four lanes (two lanes or more in each direction) 
    • Main roads: Roadways linking cities and regions, or serving cities within municipal boundaries, there are single carriageway roads for good paved standard or dual carriage ways with 2 lanes in each direction. 
    • Secondary roads: These link district centres and villages. 
    • Agricultural roads: Roads linking agricultural land and farms with markets 
  8. EXPORT GOODS: The top exports of Libya are Crude Petroleum ($22.5B), Petroleum Gas ($1.31B), Gold ($1.19B), Refined Petroleum ($854M), and Scrap Iron ($88.9M),
  9. EXPORT PARTNERS: exporting mostly to Italy ($4.77B), China ($4.21B), Germany ($3.95B), Spain ($3.85B), and United Arab Emirates($1.51B)
  10. IMPORT GOODS: The top imports of Libya are Refined Petroleum ($2B), Cars ($959M), Broadcasting Equipment ($614M), Rolled Tobacco ($440M), and Jewellery ($293M),
  11. IMPORT PARTNERS: importing mostly from China ($2.45B), Turkey ($2.07B), Italy ($1.39B), United Arab Emirates ($1.35B), and Egypt ($828M)