1. COUNTRY: Ethiopia
  2. CAPITAL: Addis Ababa
  4. MAJOR COMMERCIAL CITIES: Addis Ababa, Mekelle, Gondar, Adama, Awassa, Bahir Dar, Dire Dawa, Awasa, Dessie, Jimma, Jijiga, Shashamane and Sodo.
  5. MAJOUR INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTS: Addis Ababa Bole International Airport ADD, Arba Minch Airport AMH, Axum Airport AXU, Bahir Dar Airport BJR, Aba Tenna Dejazmach Yilma International Airport DIR, Gambella Airport GMB, Gonder Airport GDQ, Gode Airport GDE, Wilwal International Airport JIJ, Jimma Airport JIM, Semera Airport SZE, Asosa Airport ASO, Shire Inda Selassie Airport SHC.
  6. MAJOUR SEAPORTS: Aseb and Mitsiwa, on the Red Sea coast, and port of Djibouti
  7. RAIL AND ROADWAYS: Rail transport in Ethiopia is done within the National Railway Network of Ethiopia, which currently consists of three electrified standard gauge railway lines: the Addis Ababa–Djibouti Railway, the Awash–Weldiya Railway and the Weldiya–Mekelle Railway. Ethiopian Highway 15 is a national highway in Ethiopia; it connects Adigrat and Adwa in Ethiopia; it has a total length of 108.6 kilometers (67.5 mi).
  8. EXPORT GOODS:  Ethiopia's major goods exports included coffee (28.7%), oilseeds (14.5%), chat (11.4%), pulses (10.2%), cut flowers (9.6%), leather and leather products (4.4%) and gold (1%). 
  9. EXPORT PARTNERS: China, Somalia, United states, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Netherlands, United Arabs Emirates, Switzerland, Japan, Djibouti, Belgium, Israel, Vietnam, Kenya, and Italy.
  10. IMPORT GOODS: Machinery including computers: US$1.8 billion (13% of total imports), Mineral fuels including oil: $1.7 billion (12.2%), Electrical machinery, equipment: $1.1 billion (7.7%), Vehicles: $1 billion (7.3%), Animal/vegetable fats, oils, waxes: $898.9 million (6.4%), Cereals: $863.7 million (6.1%), Iron, steel: $707.1 million (5%), plastics, plastic articles: $638.8 million (4.5%), Pharmaceuticals: $580.5 million (4.1%), Fertilizers: $507.4 million (3.6%)
  11. IMPORT PARTNERS: China, USA, India, Kuwait, Turkey, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Itely, Malaysia, and Germany.