1. COUNTRY: Ecuador
  2. CAPITAL: Quito
  3. GDP GROWTH RATE: 0.1 %
  4. MAJOR COMMERCIAL CITIES: Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca, Baños, Tena, Ibarra / Otavalo, Manta, Loja.
  5. MAJOR INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTS: There are two international airports in Ecuador: Quito, UIO and Guayaquil, GYE. Most travelers fly into Quito, which has a new international airport opening in February 2013
  6. MAJOR SEAPORTS: Port of Guayaquil, Port of Esmeraldas, Port of Bolivar, Port of Manta, Port of Bahia de Caraquez, Port of San Lorenzo, Port of La Libertad, Port of Salinas, Port of Balao, Port of Tunguraha
  7. RAIL AND ROADWAYS: The Ferrocarriles del Ecuador Empresa Publica (FE EP) (Ecuadorian Railways Company) is the national railway of Ecuador. Ecuador Highway 35 (E-35), officially named "Troncal de la Sierra" (Highland's Road) but colloquially known as "La Panamericana", is a primary highway in Ecuador
  8. EXPORT GOODS: petroleum, bananas, cut flowers and shrimp. Its main export partners are the United States, Panama, Peru and Italy. Its main import commodities are vehicles, medicinal products, telecommunications equipment and electricity.
  9. EXPORT PARTNERS: United States, Peru, China, Chile and Panama and for imports they were United States, China, Colombia, Panama and Brazil.
  10. IMPORT GOODS: raw materials (25 percent of total imports), capital goods (19 percent), fuels and lubricants (17 percent), consumption durables (13 percent) and transport equipment (9 percent).
  11. IMPORT PARTNERS: The most common import partners for Ecuador are United States ($4.72B), China ($3.77B), Colombia ($1.96B), Panama ($975M), and Brazil ($880M).